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Some pictures I took while visiting the offices at Inkspot. Note that these are rather large -- you may not want to download them at 28.8k or something.


[258k, 1280x842]


[256k, 1280x807]


[250k, 862x1280]


[243k, 1200x781]
Debbie, Douyg, Parki and Jeff gather round for a healthy sub repast. The view from the front door. That's Debbie's office area ahead to the right [towards which Debbie is walking]. The opposite corner is, I think, where Jeff sits. To the immediate left is a wall, over which one can find the fridge and ladder. A good shot of the full height of the Inkspot offices. Note the white fridge sticking out at the back.. The tech team attempt to revive a 1984 Macintosh from Cryonic Suspension, to no avail. A crucial floppy drive seemed to be non-functional. A clone will have to be grown from tissue samples..


[237k, 1280x801]