Links to the various collections of Daniel Glasser's Filk convention photos.

This page of links is, itself, quite lame. It is preliminary, and will be replaced by something that looks decent when time permits.

The links below take you to various collections of digital photographs from various Filk conventions (and maybe others as well) taken by Daniel Glasser (or at least with his camera).

Chicon 2000 Various sets of pictures from the Worldcon in Chicago.

OVFF 2000 (set 1) (or as a web page)
These are the first set of OVFF 2000 pictures that have been on the net for a while now. They include the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Talis Kimberly and her reaction to Melissa's green boots, and the Interfilk Auction (including Talis' truffle induced swoon).

OVFF 2000 (set 2)
A few more pictures (taken at the dead dog) with Judith Hayman's reaction to Steve Macdonald playing "Far From The Harbor" (Kip's reaction too), followed by her retaliation with "Yukk!".

GaFilk 2001 (unedited)
These pictures have not been sorted, culled, rotated, or fixed in any other ways. Many of them are blurry or too dark -- sorry.

Mystery God Confusion (2001)
Some pictures from Mystery God Confusion at the end of January, 2001. Because I was part of the Filk Programming chair, I didn't have much of a chance to take pictues, so all of these are from the end of the Deep Fried Lemurs production of "Who's Lemur is it anyway", and from the Filk programming item "The Grim Roper and the Osemen of the apocolypse".

FKO 11 (2001)
A bunch of pictures taken at FKO 11 in 2001 in Toronto. As with many others that you will find here, no commentary or identification, just pictures.

Marcon 36 (2001)
A collection of pictures from Marcon 36, held in Columbus, OH, over Memorial Day weekend. You will see mostly pictures from the filk concerts, plus a few from open filking and one or two (or more) others. This includes several mpeg animations, including one from the Ookla the Mok concert. There are no comments or descriptions as yet. The mpeg files can be found at the end of the last page of thumbnails.

Conterpoint 4: Rockville, MD.

I only got pictures on Saturday and Sunday because I left the camera out in the car and the Gulf of Mexico was being dumped into the parking lot from the sky that evening.

Confluence 13: Pittsburgh, PA.

These pictures do not have any captions yet. I'll take care of that soon, I hope. For now, you'll just have to make up your own descriptions.

Not very many pictures from The Millenium Philcon. Note that these have not been annotated or anything yet.

OVFF-17 rush pictures. These are the preliminary shots from OVFF17. Some of these are quite large at the moment. Sorry about that. No comments beyond that yet. Wish you were here.

GaFilkliFaG (GaFilk4, January 2002) raw pictures.These are the un-rotated and unscaled pictures. I hope to caption them soon.

Contable Fortean (C14, UK FilkCon February 2002), Raw pictures.
Melissa and Daniel, under cover of darkness, flew to London and surprised a number of their good friends and others by attending the 14th annual UK Filk Convention, held this year in Basingstoke at the Hilton. Despite Daniel's lack of a voice, they had a wonderful time at the convention and then spent a few extra days visiting with their friends in the UK before returning home.
There are over 400 images and MPEG clips on 27 pages of thumbnails. Coming soon: A rough table of contents.
Some of the pictures have captions, others don't. This is a work in progress.
Some of these pictures have been resized from 1024x768 to 768x576, or 768x1024 to 576x768. The original images, unscaled, are available by sending a message to the Glassers (e-mail: The unscaled pictures will be of higher quality as well as resolution, as they are created by the digital camera and have not gone through resampling followed by a lossy JPEG compression. The reduced size images, however, save about 100MB of server space and considerable download time.
For those interested, here is the business card that Daniel printed for C14 -- note that you will have to magnify it many times to read all of it. The front of card and the back of card.

FilKOntario 12, April 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Here are the pictures that Daniel took during FKO 12.