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On Sat Aug 20 2000, many people gathered to say goodbye to Jeff's Orangeville home. Jeff's Mom, Ginny, had sold it, and before the closing everyone was invited to a big casual gathering where we all ate, played Frisbee Golf and saw many people.

These pictures, alas, are not very good -- the digital camera I had that day was not performing very well. I hope to get the analog pictures I took scanned and put up here to give a better impression of the day.


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Jeff's Dad, John Ridpath, had ruptured his Achille's tendon a few days prior and thus had a cane with him Jeff and Scott Murray Frisbee golfers contemplate the next hole of the course. Parki, Scott D, Brian, Jeff and Casey [sic?]. Bronwyn [centre], followed by Jenny and Christine, spectating the Frisbee Golf tourney.


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