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Here are my friends. These pictures are from various parties, along with a glut from when I had a digital camera on hand. :-)
1998-01-02 Quake party in Vartan's basement; Andy was there, too.
1998-02-22 An evening at Jeff and Debbie's place, playing with the digital camera.
1998-04-24 People Luisa worked with at CBC. Oh, and Debbie sneaks in a cameo.
1998-05-02 Ronnie and Elspeth at the Riverdale zoo; Bronwyn, Reid and Christine tag along for the fun.
1998-05-15-WWDC Reid goes to the Apple World Wide Developer Conference and meets lots of people.
1998-06-20 Luisa and Reid hold a LANParty, and lots of people come to sit in a room in an about-to-be-renovated warehouse and blow each other away.
1998-09-25 Steve Van Egmond at MGI at West Wilmot
1998-10-03-aiabx-party Andy has an assorted bunch of poslpeople over to his place for a summertime party.