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Here are my friends. These pictures are from various parties, along with a glut from when I had a digital camera on hand. :-)
1997-06-25-lunch A few people get together for lunch at the CBC. Reid took some pictures of textures around the CBC atrium in hopes of incorporating them into a Quake level based on it.
1997-07-26 We had a 'computer party' where everyone played Quake or Diablo or whatever struck their fancy. A/W and CBC people were there, along with some posl types.
1997-07-CBC-Picnic The family picnic for employees of CBC
1997-12-12 A few pics of Luisa and one of Reid and Rob Gibson.
1997-12-12-jwr+dmo-party Jeff, Debbie, Jo, Gord, Rita and Lindsey came over for a small bash.
1997-12-24 Is this right? It looks like people met for lunch st Simcoe Place on Xmas Eve day, 1997. Andy and Andrew were there.
1997-12-31 New Year's Eve at Jeff and Deebie's place. John Swain was there.


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